Building Relationships Builds Results

We have all either seen the movies or know of them: Mad Max, Waterworld, The Book of Eli, Planet of The Apes, Terminator, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Intersteller. And don’t even get me started on Zombieland. And, if that’s not enough most of these movies have three to six sequels right behind them. These are only the best known of an entire genre of movies called apocalyptic adventure.

They all run the same theme; we have killed off most of our planet and it’s inhabitants and now we’re trying to find a new way or place to survive. They are crazy, far fetched, trumped up special effects movies only designed to hit it big in the box office. Or are they?

When my father was a young boy growing up in the 30’s he loved reading science fiction. Most of the best science fiction of his early life was also all based on a singular theme as well, going to the moon. Going to the moon was seen as far beyond reach and possibility.

If we can dream it, we can make it happen. We made it to the moon and back. It now appears that the ability to destroy our world is within our reach, which would make the apocalyptic adventure a reality.  Let’s examine the current United States relationship with Iran.

Forget your personal political alliance for a moment. When we’re talking about something as complicated as the nuclear deal between the United States and Iran we simply do not have all of the facts. Only so much information can be provided in a two-minute story on CNN.

We tend to not want to try and reach out to counties that are past enemies. Maybe we don’t trust “them”. Maybe we feel they will not live up to their side of the agreement. Maybe we just don’t like “them”. Ultimately we have a choice, try and build a positive relationship or not. But if we don’t find a way to build a relationship, what is the alternative? Is it, “Let’s go drop a bomb on them?” Where does that lead us?

A good relationship between two countries makes a difference. Our personal relationships with family, friends and co-workers matter also. Since anything we have ever achieved as an individual, company or society involved relationships it is important that we nurture and build successful connections.

Just because we have failed building a relationship in the past does not mean we will fail now. Like any relationship, we have to remove ego from the equation. When we are worried about our appearances and not the relationship we are doomed to failure. The real question is, “Do we want to build relationships, unity and create a better place for everyone to live?” We can either be negative and think that it won’t work or we can work to make a good relationship a reality.

No one likes to be weak. We want to position ourselves as strong and in control. We want to set the agenda and make the demands. I do not believe that is always necessary. What about thinking like human beings and treating others as such? My humanness says that we should work together, find dialog and create positive relationships. The outcome from a positive relationship, even a new and weak one, is far better than the outcome from no relationship. If we do not communicate, we cannot progress. The magnitude of our successes will always be tied to the strength of our relationships.

So, how far fetched are the apocalyptic adventures?


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