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Accountability is What Really Happened in South Carolina

A fascinating series of events occurred in South Carolina over the past few weeks. Let’s review the facts.

A young white man walked into a church in South Carolina. He walked into a room where bible study was being held. He stood out in that room as he was the only white person there. What happened? He was invited to join everyone in bible study. He joined in before taking his gun out and shooting people. He killed 9 people including the pastor of the church. I find what happened before, during and after this tragic event totally fascinating.

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Investing In People Pays Big Dividends

When a restaurant’s owner in Pittsburgh banned tips, raised the wages of his servers to $35,000, provided healthcare coverage, instituted 10 days paid vacation a year, gave them each 500 shares of stock in the company and set up a bonus plan, I’m sure many people thought the owner was crazy.

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Why Do We Reinforce a Lack of Accountability?

The City Recorder of Deeds in St. Louis recently requested a new car or a monthly car allowance of $700. Cars are provided for many city employees but there is so much more to this crazy story. You see, the Recorder was forced to resign because she violated the state’s nepotism statute. Prior to that there were two accidents with her city car. Both accidents happened with her husband at the wheel of the car.

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Unions Thrive When Accountability Does Not

The Missouri legislative leaders want to debate a “right-to-work” bill. It would outlaw employment contracts that make union dues or fees a condition of employment. Supporters say the right-to-work bill would help Missouri compete for new industries; opponents say it would result in lower wages and a weaker middle class. This debate has been raging for decades. The truth is that unions flourish when the need exists. Unions serve people who are taken advantage of

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Accountability — The Moral Imperative

Dan Price is the Founder and CEO of Gravity Payments. After discovering in a 2010 Princeton University Study that a salary in the $70,000 – 75,000 range was necessary for people to achieve happiness he decided to do something about the inequality in pay scales in the United States today. He took a pay cut! And, Dan used that money and the projected profits for this year to start a three-year plan to move everyone

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Accountability Isn’t A Secret

Two off duty Secret Service agents, on their way home from a party at a bar, drive their car through police tape and barricades where their colleagues were investigating a possible bomb. And, while supervisors on the scene suspect that the two agents are intoxicated they are sent on their way without a breath test. No ramifications from driving into a sealed investigation scene and then actually put back into their car to drive home. An onlooker would conclude that the Secret Service belief is that their people get preferential treatment.

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There Is Accountability In Oklahoma

When a group of students at SAE fraternity made racial slurs and displayed their bigotry it could have just been swept under the rug as drunken party talk. It wasn’t. David Boren, University President immediately moved to let the university and the world know that that behavior and those beliefs would not be tolerated at University of Oklahoma.

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Responsibility Isn’t Accountability

The words accountability and responsibility are quite commonly interchanged in usage in the English language. In many languages around the world there isn’t a direct interpretation for accountability and the word responsibility is used. Society now blurs the lines between the two.

There are differences and they are significant. You are responsible for things. You are accountable to people. This delineation greatly enhances the understanding and application of each word.

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Where’s Your Accountability Mr. Williams?

When I was 6 years old I jumped off of a wall and broke my leg. I remember it like it was yesterday. Unfortunately it wasn’t. It was 52 years ago. I remember how my wife had the shakes during the birth of our son 31 years ago. I remember the thrill of competition I enjoyed in my first Boston Marathon 21 years ago. I have a hard time believing that if someone’s helicopter was or was not hit over a war zone 12 years they would have a problem remembering that. I think you’d remember that incident the rest of your life.

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