Corporate Culture Keynote Speaker

Sam Silverstein keynotes for creating a strong corporate culture

Sam Silverstein is identified by Global Gurus as one of the top ten corporate culture experts in the world. As a corporate keynote speaker Sam will electrify your audience. Sam shares experiences about corporate culture with his own companies and the cultures of companies that his organization has consulted with to enlighten and stimulate his audiences. Sam knows first-hand how to create a corporate culture that engages employees, maximizes productivity and inspires accountability. As a speaker, Sam will connect with your audience, inspire them to prioritize your corporate culture and work together to be a better organization.


Organizations that hire Sam as a culture keynote speaker discover that the ability to define and create the corporate culture they desire is within their control. Leaders are positioned and able to apply Sam’s powerful insights and move forward toward their own unique culture.

Your culture is the only thing that separates your organization from another. This isn’t just rhetoric for Sam. As a partner and CEO Sam has built organizations, led organizations and created teams of people eager to work toward a common goal. Being a

corporate culture keynote speaker isn’t all about show, it is about teaching and moving people to want to be the best leaders they can be and create the corporate culture that will attract and retain the best people.

As a keynote speaker, Sam teaches the power that comes creating the ideal corporate culture. As an author, Sam has written 10 books that help individuals grow to be their best, become more effective leaders and build accountability into their corporate culture and everything they do.

Reasons Businesses and Organizations Book Sam Silverstein

In Sam’s organizational culture keynotes he discusses the following

Employee turnover in our industry is very high. Our turnover last year was 32% but two other major companies in our industry had a turnover of 100% and 300% respectively. I credit our lower turnover to the quality of the organizational culture that we created by working with Sam Silverstein.

To address a request by senior leaders to assist our leadership team with accountability, I invited Sam to speak with our leaders and provided each participant with a copy of his book, No More Excuses. Sam's presentation resonated with each of us and his powerful message motivated us to take steps to ensure we created a culture where accountability is inspired. As a result, we embarked on an effort to redefine our values and embed them into our organization. We learned from Sam that values form the foundation from which accountability is possible and with the changes we've implemented as a result of Sam's advice, I'm confident that our organization is positioned to experience even greater success.

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