Create a Better Customer Experience by Changing Expectations

I recently bought a product at the grocery store. The product itself was wrapped in cellophane and then was inside of a box. The entire box was itself then wrapped in cellophane.

I bought the same product before from a different manufacturer, only there was no cellophane on the outside of the box. This time, as I opened the cellophane to get to the box, I thought to myself, wow, this product must really be fresh. I opened it up and I enjoyed it. And when I went back, I bought this new product the next time. My question for you is this, what are you doing in your business to add that second wrapping of cellophane to the products and services that you offer?

Our customers’ expectations are evolving and changing and we need to change ourselves, not only based on what they want but we need to be one step ahead of them. We need to change the game for them so they realize that we’re an industry leader. We’re not just trying to follow and keep up with the pack but we need to take our products and services and change the way that our customers engage with us.

We need to look at all of our systems, whether it’s the sales system, customer service system, or delivery system.  We then ask ourselves, “Is there something we can eliminate?” Can we streamline? Can we improve the process? Can we put an extra bow on it or wrap it in cellophane? Because when we come up with a better system and engage our customer at that level, then we’ll create that better customer experience.

You see, when I opened the box, my expectation was that the quality of the product was going to be better. When our clients believe going in that we are going to deliver a better quality product or a higher level of service, then for the most part, we are able to deliver at a higher level. Their higher expectations create a situation where we have a self-fulfilling prophecy. Look for improving the way that you work and communicate with and deliver products and services to your clients and watch your business grow.


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