Create a Day to Remember

I was in a store recently and engaged the sales person in conversation. The day was absolutely marvelous from a weather standpoint. The temperature was in the low 70’s, there were clear skies, and a slight breeze. It was very comfortable with low humidity, just absolutely beautiful. I started the conversation with the sales lady by saying, “it is a beautiful day isn’t it?” And her response to me is something I will never forget. She said this is a day that I want to always remember. Wow! It was that special in her eyes and then I thought to myself do I ever look at a day that way? Is it a day that I want to always remember? Not just from the weather standpoint but from my experiences during that day. I think that should be our goal everyday. Not just as individuals but as professionals.

We need to create a day that someone wants to always remember. We need to create a day that is worth remembering in our personal life with our family and friends. Then, in business we need to ask, are we creating that type of day with the people that we work with, and for our customers and our clients? What are we doing, what decisions are we making that will impact our day to where we can serve value to those people that we come in contact with to where they will always want to remember that day. Think about that question and come up with those answers because when you create a day that someone wants to always remember, you will be on the right road to being accountable for building your business.


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