Create New Value For Your Clients

Apple Computer, Inc. opened their application store in iTunes today.  The App Store has hundreds and soon to be thousands of applications that you can download and easily install on an iPhone.  Some of the applications are free.  Others are for sale.  Most of the applications being sold are priced from $.99 to $9.99.

Need a little app to keep track of all the tasks you need to complete?  Maybe you want an app to manage your finances?  How about an app that detects where you are and then lists all of the theatres nearby showing a specific movie you want to see?

One of my favorites is Moo.  When you turn your phone over it makes the sound of a cow just like the toy from years ago.  Another favorite is Rotary Dialer.  This app gives you the picture of an old fashioned rotary phone and you can dial your friends like they did way back in the 70s.

So, why am I sharing all this with you?  Simple.  What Apple has achieved is simply genius.  They have taken a product that is manufactured by many companies and available at many price points and turned it into a completely new industry.  Apple will sell millions of these phones.  Then they will sell millions of dollars of applications that we can all use to customize our phone.  Apple is using their App Store to deliver new value to their existing customers and to attract new ones.

What are you doing in your business that brings new value to your clients?  Is there some way to add value, create value or redefine the value you deliver to your clients?

Differentiation is a key way to build a competitive advantage in an industry.  Most companies continue on about their business.  If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  Apple Computer doesn’t fix it.  They don’t even break it.  They throw it out and create an entirely new solution to fill a need, a need that many times people don’t even know they have.

Apple ups the value equation.  They deliver what others may have unsuccessfully attempted but also what others haven’t ever thought of.  They do so in a way that is cool and fun.  Apple understands that the experience of doing business is almost as important as the additional value they deliver.

Create more value for your clients.  Break out of your traditional mold.  Engage your clients in a way that is fun, unique and leaves a lasting impression — you will be on the road to Building a Better Biz.


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