Creating Alliances

An alliance is a powerful tool. German auto giant Daimler recently confirmed that it is joining the Nissan-Renault alliance. With all three carmakers taking small stakes in each other, the aim is to combine resources, to drive up volumes and create more economies of scale. The three carmakers said the deal would increase competitiveness of all partners, create a substantial increase in volume, lead to economies of scale, cost sharing and development.

Do you look for and look to create alliances within your organization, within your industry as an individual and as a company? There are so many great ways that you can employ this tool and get the growth that you’re looking for. We need to discover and develop alliances as individuals and we need to also be open to the opportunities for alliances as organizations.

Alliances match your strength with someone else’s weakness and someone else’s weakness with your strength so that you both have the opportunity to grow and achieve the potential that you ultimately have to achieve.

Here’s the challenge. Look in your life to create an alliance between you and someone else so that you can grow either in your personal life or your professional life.  Then, inside your organization look to develop an alliance as well. Take out a sheet of paper. List all of your strengths as an individual and as an organization and then look for what strengths you would want in an alliance partner. That alliance may not come along today but by going through this practice, you will be prepared when the opportunity does present itself.

Look to create an alliance and accelerate the growth for your self individually and your organization.


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