Disruptive Technology

For the past decade Apple, Inc. has been the absolute master at disruptive technology. First they came out with the iPod, then the iPhone and then the iPad. Each time Apple introduced a product they set a standard in the market that their competition could not match. Apple controlled over 85% of the mp3 player market, redefined what a smart phone is and controls 85% of the tablet market. In the process Apple caused companies to eliminate products, completely redesign products and in some cases totally exit market segments.

Disruptive technology, DT, does not have to be “technology” in the specific sense. DT could be business systems, sales systems, customer service systems and other operations that differentiate you in the market place from your competition.

Many times we get caught up with the way we have done things in the past because that is what we are used to doing. Many times when we reinvent systems there is pushback both internally and externally. It is critical that we listen to everyone involved but at the same time we need to be able to stick to our convictions when rolling out DT. The bigger the change the bigger the pushback. It is easy to cave in and go back to the old familiar way of doing business but then the potential competitive advantage is lost and it will be even harder to initiate positive change in the future.

Look at your business. What system is the most critical for your overall success. What if you defined that procedure, product or service from scratch? What if you were a new business just starting out? How would you do things? Now look at the way you are doing things and ask yourself if you could provide a higher level of service or a better product by using your new creative ideas.

Being accountable to manage your space is all about eliminating from your past so that you can create your more effective, more rewarding future. Look for ways to use disruptive technology to give your business a competitive advantage.


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