Don’t Be Builder Grade

builder grade effort - woman on smartphone having coffeeRecently, a friend of mine (let’s call him Tom), was shopping for a new faucet for his kitchen. The one in his new home was dripping. It seemed odd to me that a piece of hardware that was only a couple of years old would give out so quickly. Tom said, “It’s a builder grade faucet. That’s to be expected.”

I know of a home builder based in Lubbock, Texas that puts 50-year faucets, quartz countertops, and upgraded Samsung appliances with 10-year warranties on all their homes. Even ones selling under or just above $200,000. They believe that no one wants builder grade; homeowners want something that will last and something they can be proud of.

Usually, the few pennies you save with builder grade don’t compare to the cost of replacing the part in a few years. It is less expensive to do it right the first time than fix it later.

Are We Providing Builder Grade Effort or Upgraded Superior Performance?


It is the same with any job you or I might undertake. Are we proud of the results? Are we giving the situation our all? Are we providing builder grade effort or upgraded superior performance?

What type of effort and performance are you known for? What grade of results do people think of when they think of you? I do not want to be builder grade anything. I want to always be the superior product and I hope you do, too!


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