Eliminate Objections and Increase Sales

You close your sales opportunities 100% of the time when you make a
presentation, right? You don’t? Why not?

It’s a simple question with a simple answer: objections! People don’t buy
because they have objections. If, and only if you can overcome all of a
potential customer’s objections can you then close the sale.

I went to the baseball game last fall. My favorite team, the Cardinals,
were playing the Padres. It was a sold out game, and for the first time in a
very long time I went to the stadium without a ticket in hand. We hoped that
someone out front would be selling some extra tickets.

There were people everywhere. Boy was it crowded! But as expected, there were
several people buying and selling tickets, and the professional ticket scalpers
really stood out.

In addition to having a hand full of tickets, the scalpers had something else
that really caught my attention; a laminated seat diagram of the stadium. Can
you believe that?!

When buying a ticket there are two pieces of information that every buyer wants
to know, the price and the location. You can negotiate price all day long if
you like. The ticket will have a printed price and you can pay more or less
based on desire, availability of seats, and whether the game has started yet or

The major objection that the scalper must deal with is location. If he says
the seat is in a good location, are you going to believe him? Maybe, or maybe

By having a laminated seat diagram of the stadium, the scalper totally removes
this possible objection from the table. You can see where the seats are, and
you can immediately decide if you like them. He is now in a position to make
the sale.

Actually, by eliminating the location objection up front the scalper may be in
a stronger position to get a better price and make the sale.

Are you as prepared to eliminate your prospects objections and make the sale?

Here are three steps to better handling objections and closing the sale:

1. Bring Up The Objection First

If you know an objection comes up a lot, you should bring it up before your
prospect can. This will disarm them of this objection, and if you deal with it
properly it will eliminate the issue altogether.

For example, if you are selling a home and there are power lines nearby you
might talk about the fact that the power lines are on an easement and this
extra land behind the house will provide a buffer creating a quieter and more
enjoyable back yard.

No one is going to miss seeing the power lines back there. Beat the prospect
to the punch, and turn the possible objection into an advantage.

2. Know Your Competition

If you know your competition, then you will also know some of the issues that
your prospect will be thinking about.

Let’s say you sell health insurance, and your price is a little higher than
your main competitor. Your health plan includes some Term Life Insurance and
the competition doesn’t. With this information you are prepared to overcome a
possible price objection.

It is not enough to be well versed on the features and benefits of your
products; you must know your competitor’s features and benefits as well.

3. Know the Main Objections and be Prepared

Most sales professionals hear the same objections over and over. You should
know all of the possible objections that you will hear and have a prepared way
of dealing with each one.

Take the time and do your homework. List all possible ways of dealing with
these objections. My clients that are in a Mastermind Group share possible
solutions among themselves so that they are best prepared to deal with all

There is a difference between an objection and a condition. An objection is
based more on opinion. A condition is a situation that can’t be changed in the
short term. The only condition that should keep you from making the sale is if
your prospect doesn’t have any money or doesn’t have a way to get funds or

Some people see objections as barriers or stalls. You should be able to deal
with any objection that comes your way. Work proactively so that you are
prepared, and you will be on your way to closing more sales and Building A
Better Biz!


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