Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker

Sam Silverstein keynotes for creating employee engagement

When looking for an employee engagement keynote speaker you want an experienced leader, a proven track record, and an incredibly dynamic speaker. Sam Silverstein knows employee engagement. Drawing from the cultures of his companies, his consulting clients, and his case studies, Sam shares firsthand experiences about employee engagement. The outcome is an audience that sees the big picture on employee engagement and then knows how to create that employee engagement for their organization. Sam’s personal experiences in creating an organizational culture that excels at employee engagement is what your group needs. As an employee engagement keynote speaker, Sam will educate, engage, entertain, and send attendees off to make it happen.


Organizations that hire Sam as an employee engagement keynote speaker realize that the ability to define and create the corporate culture they desire is within their control.  Leaders are positioned and able to apply Sam’s powerful insights and move forward toward creating a company where employee engagement is always high and the resulting productivity higher. When Sam is the employee engagement keynote speaker at your event your people will feel the passion Sam has for accountability and employee engagement. Sam is a keynote speaker who cares, connects and converses with each member of your audience.

Your culture is the only thing that separates your organization from another. This isn’t just rhetoric for Sam. As a partner and CEO Sam has built organizations, led organizations and created

teams of people eager to work toward a common goal. Employee engagement happens when leaders prioritize accountability and the people they lead. Being an employee engagement keynote speaker isn’t all about show, it is about teaching and moving people to want to be the best leaders they can be and create the organizational culture that will attract and retain the best people.

As a keynote speaker, Sam teaches the power that is created in an organization when employee engagement is optimized. As an author, Sam has written 12 books that help individuals grow to be their best, become more effective leaders, and through accountability, be able to attract the best employees to the organization. Employee engagement becomes the goal and the end result! Bring Sam in as your next keynote speaker!

Reasons Businesses and Organizations Book Sam Silverstein

In Sam’s employee engagement keynote speech he discusses the following

Thanks again for being with our leadership team yesterday and delivering a message that we needed to hear. You are very engaging as a presenter and a terrific storyteller, bringing to life important business concepts through vivid scenarios. You accomplished the goals I had for this session and inspired our leaders to go forward with a new approach to accountability.

As the area's largest residential real estate company, we recently brought in Sam Silverstein--twice in a 12-month period---to address a large group of associates from our 19 St. Louis area offices. His first presentation, "No More Excuses" contained such a powerful message it became a mantra last year among our senior leadership team. Sam's second program, "Non-Negotiable", was equally well-received by our Associates and leadership. With both programs he effectively framed for our group of independent contractors the value of accountability in their personal and professional lives.

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