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Sam Silverstein keynotes for creating employee retention

Organizations looking to hire a proven and entertaining employee retention keynote speaker hire Sam Silverstein. Employee retention happens for a reason and Sam knows exactly why that is or is not happening in any organization. Sam draws from his research with The Accountability Index™ and the organizations he has led himself to show leaders what drives employee engagement and how to make it happen in their organizations. When Sam is your employee retention keynote speaker your attendees will not only learn the important cause and effect relationships of employee retention, but they will know what first steps they must take in order to drive employee retention in their company.  A truly great employee retention keynote speaker needs the experience, the data, and the ability to communicate in a compelling way with your audience. When hired as an employee retention keynote speaker, Sam’s feedback always includes words like “passion”, “high content”, and “engaging”.


Organizations that bring Sam in as an employee retention keynote speaker discover that they can define and create the corporate culture they desire and make it happen.  Leaders are positioned and able to apply Sam’s powerful insights and move forward toward creating a company where employee retention is a regular part of who they are. Sam is a keynote speaker who cares, connects and converses with each member of your audience.

Your culture is the only thing that separates your organization from another. This isn’t just rhetoric for keynote speaker Sam Silverstein. As a partner and CEO Sam has built organizations, led organizations and created teams of people eager to work toward a common goal; retaining the very best people. Employee

retention happens when leaders prioritize accountability and the people they lead. Being an employee retention keynote speaker isn’t all about show, it is about teaching and moving people to want to be the best leaders they can be and create the organizational culture that will attract and retain the best people.

As a keynote speaker, Sam teaches the power that is created in an organization when employee retention is perfected. As an author, Sam has written 10 books that help individuals grow to be their best, become more effective leaders, and through accountability, be able to attract the best employees to the organization. Employee retention becomes the goal and the end result! Bring Sam in to be the keynote speaker for your next event!

Reasons Businesses and Organizations Book Sam Silverstein

In Sam’s employee retention keynote speech he discusses the following

Employee turnover in our industry is very high. Our turnover last year was 32% but two other major companies in our industry had a turnover of 100% and 300% respectively. I credit our lower turnover to the quality of the organizational culture that we created by working with Sam Silverstein.

I've brought a lot of speakers in and no one has ever said what you did. Your program would be worth it no matter how much you charge.

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