The Remote Team and Accountability: Culture Drift™ During the Pandemic

How strong are your remote managing skills? How well are you establishing and defending your organization’s workplace culture during the era of Covid? Take the free executive assessment: Culture Drift™ During the Pandemic.

Executive Pandemic Assessment
The total number of people who report directly to me is: *

Thank you for taking part in this survey. Because the survey focuses on leadership issues, the questions that follow are not relevant to your situation, but we appreciate your interest in issues related to accountability. If you wish, you can get a snapshot of your own personal situation by taking our Personal Accountability Assessment.

What is the approximate number of employees in your organization? *
Complete this sentence: “Since the pandemic started, I feel…” *
Complete the sentence: “Since the pandemic started, I communicate with my team…” *
“Since the pandemic started, our organization has developed new internal communication strategies and platforms for team members.” *
Complete the sentence: “Since the pandemic started, my communication with team members about important non-work-related events in their lives has been…” *
Complete the sentence: “Since the pandemic started, the quality of our organizational culture has …” *
Complete the sentence: “Since the pandemic started, the frequency and quality of our organizational communication has …” *
Complete the sentence: “Since the pandemic started, our sense of organizational cohesion, and our overall ability to work together as a team, has …” *
Compared to this time last year, our organizational productivity has: *
I would describe the level of accountability in our remote workforce as: *
The best phrase to describe the working approach of people who work remotely and report to me is: *

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