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Sam Silverstein keynotes for creating strong leaders in finance and banking

As a finance and banking keynote speaker, Sam knows the challenges facing an industry where “change” is your middle name. Building organizational success with the highest ethical standards and team accountability is challenging when it seems like the rules are constantly changing. Whether you are in finance or banking you are always dealing with other peoples’ money. It is critical to bring an experienced finance and banking keynote speaker to your next event in order to connect with and motivate your audience to embrace personal changes and growth first. Then, they will be positioned to drive their organizations to ever-higher levels of performance.

Leadership is at the very core of performance in any financial service organization. Financial services and banking keynote speaker Sam Silverstein helps leadership position themselves to create an organization where accountability is not just encouraged but expected at all levels.

Of course we want our people to get their job done and to keep their commitments. We are not facing a people problem – the problem is what we, as leaders, think and believe about our people. Everything we have been taught about accountability is wrong. Accountability is not a way of doing. Accountability is a way of thinking. Specifically, it is how we think about our people. In Sam’s financial services keynote presentation he challenges leaders to look inward and accept the responsibility to be better leaders so they can help their people achieve at a higher level.

Accountability is not about trying to manipulate people to do more. Accountability is about leaders being accountable to their people first and creating a place where everyone is inspired to be accountable and where people want to do their best. Finance and banking keynote speaker Sam Silverstein maintains that accountability is the highest form of leadership!

There is always action that comes with belief. When you believe that accountability is your responsibility in the finance and banking fields you will see and treat your people differently. You will commit to them differently. And, you will get a different result. Sam’s keynote presentations help finance and banking leaders adjust their beliefs so that they move forward, taking the action necessary to achieve the results they truly desire.


As a student of accountability, leadership, and exceptional organizational culture, Sam combines his thirst for what really works in the financial services and banking world and his unique ability to immediately connect with your audience to deliver a moving and powerful keynote that will leave your healthcare team primed for action.

As the author of 10 books on the topics of leadership, accountability, and personal development Sam knows what finance and banking leadership needs to hear in a keynote presentation.

As a Past President of the National Speakers Association Sam has a proven track record not just in the world of speaking but as a powerful financial services and banking keynote speaker. His program will leave your attendees wanting more, doing more, and enjoying greater leadership and accountability within your organization. Bring in Sam to be the financial services and banking keynote speaker at your next event.

Reasons Finance and Banking Organizations Book Sam Silverstein

In Sam’s finance and banking keynotes he discusses the following

Sam Silverstein brings practicality and focus to leaders of teams. His message is clear yet challenging, inviting leaders to define the values that govern their teams for the good of their organizations. Months after the fact, our members were still talking about Sam and his message. They were crafting their values and building their organizations’ culture with intention in ways they never have before.

Thank you for sharing your message with the attendees of the National Association of Tax Professionals Annual Conference. Your keynote session was very well received by all that attended. Your professionalism and dedication also made our educational scheduling personnel look very good for inviting you. Of the 30 speakers that we collected evaluations for you were rated number one with a 6.89 on a 7.0 point rating scale.

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