Fire All of Your Managers Today!

That’s right, fire your managers. All of them. You do not need them. Managers are not going to help your organization be it’s very best.

Now that you have fired all your managers, fill those open position with leaders – leaders who care, leaders who teach, and leaders who inspire. Leaders will help your organization be it’s very best.

You manage things but you lead people. You manage IT. You manage inventory. You manage cash flow. People do not want to be managed; they want to be lead. People do not want to be manipulated, inventoried, moved around, and positioned. People want to be cared for, inspired, taught, empowered, and lead to be their greatest self.

The accountable leader knows that they are responsible for the success and safety, both physical and emotional, of the people they lead. Those two areas are the prime mission of any leader.

If you want your people to think like leaders, then why call them managers? Call them leaders! Area leaders, district leaders, zone leaders, regional leaders, department leaders, store leaders, product leaders, unit leaders – you get the idea.

Now teach them what great leaders think, train them on how great leaders operate, model for them what great leadership looks like in action and be a great leader to them so they can continuously grow and be great leaders to the people they lead.

Accountable leaders know about commitment, leading others to their potential – to be their best, and what living the organizational values looks like. Accountable leaders make everyone around them better, and in the process, make the organization better.

So, are you ready to move from managers to leaders?

Want to grow as an accountable leader or grow accountable leaders in your organization? Send an email to and we will help you reach your goals.


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