Focus for Success


Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.
– Josh Billings -Published in Farmers Almanac 1869-1880.

A study at Stanford University of genius-level children revealed some interesting information. The children were studied throughout their lifetime. The study showed that high achievement was not a consequence of high intelligence but rather the result of people who were able to focus sharply on what they wanted in life. The people that were better focused achieved more.

To stay focused, you must concentrate on the task at hand. Think about work when you are working, about play when you are playing, and about your family when you are with your family. You will perform at a sub-par level in every endeavor if you are not 100% involved at the moment of “attack.”

Like the archer, you should be keying in on the bullseye. You must focus on your target. You do not want to spray arrows (or efforts and energy) in a multitude of different directions. You want your efforts going towards the bullseye, your goals. You must have the proper focus in order to follow the steps in your plan. This will help you reach your ultimate goal.

If you are busy running haphazardly from one goal to another you lack the focus to accomplish anything. Some people fall into the trap of doing many things with mediocre results without doing anything exceptionally well.

Thomas Edison had 1093 inventions patented. When asked what was the key to his success and unusually high productivity, he said that he worked on only one project at a time and stayed on that project all day. He didn’t move from project to project. He stayed focused.

When you find that you are having trouble staying focused, make a list of all your distractions. Evaluate each item one at a time and decide if it is something that really needs your attention. Then, if it must be acted on, decide if you must act or someone else can deal with it. You will find that many distractions can be eliminated, allowing you to focus on your primary desires.

Have you ever played Pin The Tail On The Donkey? In this game a blindfolded child attempts to place a tail on a picture of a donkey hanging on the wall. When the children have the blindfolds on, the tails can end up all over the room on windows, doors, lamps etc. If the child can see, however, the tail goes right where it belongs, on the end of the donkey.

It stands to reason, if you can focus on your target, you can hit it. Likewise if you can’t see what you desire, or if your attention and focus is on something else, you will not be able to achieve what you originally set out after.

When a major league baseball player is in a batting slump, people say: “He isn’t seeing the ball real well.” Sure, a batter’s stance and technique are important, but if he doesn’t keep his eye on the ball, he’ll never hit it. Hitting a small ball coming toward him at over 90 mph requires the batter to have exceptional focus.

Your desires are just like that baseball moving at 90 mph. Don’t be distracted by someone selling cotton candy on the sidelines. Watch the ball. Focus on your goals and stay with your plan. You can and will achieve everything you desire. Now, you are on the road to Building a Better Biz!



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