Focus on What you Can Control

In business there are many things that will impact our success. Some of those issues are beyond our control: governmental changes, regulations, competitors, making decisions in the market place with regards to products, services, warranties, etc. As great leaders what we must do is choose to focus on what we can control. We can’t control others decisions, but we can control the choices we make with regards to those decisions and if we focus on those choices then chances are we are going to be far more successful.

As great leaders we need to get everyone on the team to focus on what they can control. Marketing has certain areas that they can control. The sales team can control how they pursue their sales. Customer service can control the customer service policies and practices that are in play. Great leaders understand that we focus on those issues that we can control and in doing so we build our organization. It’s all about choice. We can focus on what we can’t control and take time and energy away from being successful or we focus on those issues that we do have influence over and we grow the enterprise. It’s your choice.


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