From Good To Accountable

There are many good leaders, good teams and good organizations. They all achieve, accomplish goals and earn success. But just because they are good and just because they get results doesn’t mean they are accountable. Accountable Leaders™, Accountable Teams™ and Accountable Organizations™ all operate at a higher level and create something that would be impossible without their accountability. Here are a few of the elements that are a part of being accountable in these settings.

Proactive Accountability
Accountable Leaders understand what they are accountable for and engage on their accountability in a proactive fashion. They understand that taking responsibility for something gone wrong doesn’t really cut it today. The key is to know what you are accountable for and to get it right in the first place. Accountable Leaders look to serve first. They actively build relationships with the people they lead, their peers and the community they are a part of. The success and well-being of others is always on their mind and lives in their actions.

We can continue to use existing systems, products and thinking and continue to generate profits as well as grow our organizations. If we are building accountable organizations then we must look to innovate. When we innovate we improve and simplify. We create an environment where our organizations are more efficient and our clients have a better experience engaging with us. Innovation leads us beyond, “we’ve always done it this way” and into a realm where we are constantly improving. People like being in environments where innovation is creating new opportunities. Innovation is exciting and leads to continued process and product improvement.

Influence is the ability to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of someone or something. In an accountable environment everyone realizes that true influence does not come from a title or position. Influence is earned. Influence is derived from serving others, investing in people, knowing what your non-negotiables are and others seeing you stick to them authentically. True influence attracts others to your causes. When other people want you to succeed it becomes infinitely more realistic that you will be positioned to take the impossible and make it possible.

Contributing to an accountable world, whether as an Accountable Leader or building an Accountable Team or Accountable Organization, means helping others understand the importance and value of accountability. It also means that the tough road many times is the right road and the best results are beyond imagination. People who are accountable and teach accountability understand that they control their outcomes, they can create a place where self-satisfaction thrives and they are operating in such a way that everything is better.


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