G-8 Level Communication

In a recent G-8 economic summit a large concern for the group of major world leaders was the proliferation of nuclear arms in Iran and North Korea. Additionally, the peace process in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians seems to take two steps back for every step forward.

Most world problems over the centuries have been related to communication issues. Many times it’s been the lack of communication or ineffective communication.

In business, communications is critical as well. How you communicate as a business professional may very well determine your success or failure. Internally within your organization it’s important that you have good communication with your peers, with those above and below you on the company ladder, and all people in the organization in which you come in contact.

External to your organization, your communication in the sales, marketing, and customer service arenas will determine your success not only today but as you move forward.

When it comes to marketing communication it’s critical that you have a clear concise message, that you’re able to convey what you do and who you do it for.

By conveying this message, an individual is able to immediately determine whether or not they can use your goods or services.

Are you capable of delivering a memorable marketing message in a clear and concise manor and in a very short period of time? My memorable marketing message is delivered in 8.5 seconds!

My prospects know right away whether or not I’m addressing their needs and wants. And, if I do, based on my memorable marketing message they will ask me for more information. That’s just what I want!

Now they are inviting me to:

Give them a sales presentation
Tell them more about the services I offer
Engage them at a deeper level
Probe and ask questions about their specific needs
Discuss their problems and where I may be of service

Your memorable marketing message comes from your business model. Your business model is a triangle with three sides. The sides are:

What do you do?
Who do you do it for?
How do you do it?

Your memorable marketing message contains just the who and the what?

Once you have your memorable marketing message you are able to move from the marketing phase of business to the sales phase of business.

Selling is really nothing more then discovering the needs and wants of your prospect and then providing a solution for those needs based on the products and services you offer.

It’s not about your products and services. It’s about the needs of your potential clients. Many times professional sales people are focused on the wrong issues. They inadvertently focus on:

A product presentation
The products features
How long the company has been in business
Past success

And while all of these elements may be relevant, they are only important at the right time. The real critical issues is how can you solve someone’s needs. Your customer is not buying the features of your product. They are buying the benefits that they will receive after they own your product.

Are you product focused? Or, are you customer need focused? The sales pros that I’ve worked with in the past that have been the most successful have always been customer need focused.

By delving in and finding out the needs and specific interests of your customers and then focusing the products and services you offer to provide benefits and solutions, you put yourself in a position to make the sale.

Quality communication is imperative for you to build a better business. Work on your communication skills. Be able to define and deliver a memorable message to your clients in under fifteen seconds. When you move into the sales arena, understand what your prospect’s needs are. Then communicate to them exactly how you’ll fulfill their needs and help them be more successful in their business or in their life.

The G-8 meeting brought leaders together and helped facilitate better communication. Improving the way you communicate and the content of those communications with your market and your customers will ultimately lead you to Build a Better Biz!


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