Accountability “In Tune” at Gibson

Do you recognize an accountable organization when you see one? What does accountability look like in action? We are constantly bombarded with opportunities to help others. Last year several tornadoes struck the Nashville, Tennessee area. Those tornadoes killed at least 24 people and injured over 150 more. 50,000 homes were destroyed. Gibson guitars is located in Nashville and immediately stepped up to offer replacement guitars to anyone who had theirs damaged or destroyed in the tornado.

Gibson is demonstrating exactly what the relational commitment, “to stand by you when all hell breaks loose” looks like in action. This is one of the Ten Commitments of Accountability.

Based on Gibson’s actions, how likely are people to buy their next guitar from Gibson? Based on Gibson’s actions how do the employees of Gibson feel about their company and working there? Do you believe that accountability is alive and present at Gibson?

When you keep this commitment, you are contributing to your relationships with people and that is always the foundation of, not only living an accountable life and being an accountable organization, but inspiring accountability in others.

Accountability can never effectively be mandated. We do not “hold” people accountable. Accountable leaders inspire accountability in the people they serve and lead by first being accountable to those people.

If you are trying to build accountability in your team, remember that it starts with you first. What actions do you regularly take to show that you are committed to “stand by others when all hell breaks loose”?

Want to find out how you’re doing with the Ten Commitments of Accountability? You can take a quick 1-minute quiz here:


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