Give Them a Chance to Buy

I recently registered a new URL. (It is for those of you who are curious.) I used to handle the transaction. When I purchased the URL, a screen came up that asked if I would like more information on tools that would add value to my new URL. I had the option of saying yes or saying no.

Right before hitting the final submit button there was a “special customer” offer that made one of their services available at greatly reduced prices. After the transaction was completed I was taken to a thank you screen where another offer appeared. This screen thanked me for the order and offered a special “Thank You” discount of 30% off of select additional services if ordered within the next 30 minutes.

There was no pressure. The offers were real, legitimate, and beneficial to me. I ordered two items and then went about my business. They turned a $9.00 sale into a $39.00 sale. Let’s see, that’s a 435% increase in business.

What did they do? They researched my needs. They knew, based on my original purchase that I probably had additional needs based on their prior experiences with other clients. They made offers to me that were very appealing. They let me choose between several offers. The choice presented to me wasn’t “do you want to buy or not” the question instead was “which items would you like to buy”? They gave me a reason to buy, the discount. And, they gave me a reason to buy now, the 30-minute promotion.

These guys are great at what they do. Are you?

In sales, if you are not in front of a customer, then you are unemployed. And, if you are not asking for the order, you are not doing your job. It’s basic, it’s simple, and these are the facts.

Look at your business. What possible add-ons could you offer to your clients? The first sale is the hardest. After that, you have a relationship with your clients and they will be willing and most likely eager to make additional purchases from you. You are not required to wait a long time before asking for the up-sell or to sell additional services and products.

Do you really know your clients needs? Great organizations know their clients current needs based on past experience, and because they go to the trouble to ask their clients. Don’t think you know everything. Once a year, ask your clients in a formal survey what their needs are, and you will be amazed.

Predict the future and you’ll most certainly be rich. If you know your industry and your clients, then work to understanding what their future needs might be. The better you can anticipate those needs, the better you will be able to beat your competition, take market share, and grow the value of your existing clients.

Know what your clients and potential clients need and desire, work to filling those needs, and ask for the order — you will be on the road to Building a Better Biz.


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