Go on the Offensive and Strengthen Your Organization

As a leader of an organization or a leader in our own personal life, we have many decisions and choices that we must deal with. Some of the choices reflect around offensive decisions and some are defensive. And, there is a time and a place for both. Sometimes we make a defensive move because we need to compete with what some of our competitors are doing in the market place and sometimes that’s reactive rather than proactive.

The best types of choices are those offensive choices. We want to try and make those choices and decisions that move our company into a position to where we are leading what’s going in the market place. When we make a proactive decision and this decision is not in a defensive position but rather offensive, trying to create a new position, trying to expand the market or redefine the market in which our enterprise plays the game, that is when we stand the chance for the greatest growth.

Look at your organization and see what you can eliminate from what you do, that is being accountable for managing your space, and then look to make offensive decisions, so that you can redefine the playing field and put your organization in a position to create the market, define the market, shape the market because ultimately what that is what we want. We want everyone else chasing us because when that happens, what normally goes on is that they chase where we are right now and by the time they get there if we stay offensive we can be moving beyond what they are looking to achieve. As a great leader think about making offensive decisions and grow the enterprise.


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