Gratitude and the Accountable Leader

What does gratitude have to do with accountability? Everything! Gratitude is one of the three accountable mindsets. Without gratitude accountability would not exist. Accountability is keeping your commitments to people. We tend to think of tactical commitments like getting a project done, showing up at a certain time, or turning in a report as being accountable. Those are responsibilities. It is the relational commitments that build accountability.

Examples of relational commitments are:

  • A commitment to live the values
  • A commitment to “It’s all of us”
  • A commitment to lead you to your potential … to be your best
  • A commitment to stand by you when all hell breaks loose

When we are in a place of entitlement, which is the toxic mindset that sits opposite of gratitude, we are focused on ourselves and not others. When we come from a place of gratitude, we appreciate other people, their contributions, and what they bring to the table. Entitlement is inward focused. Gratitude is outward focused.

Accountability is all about people and the relationships we build with them. We will not be accountable to someone we do not like. When we consciously move to a place of gratitude we see people differently, we commit to them differently, and we get a different result.

Do you see the people you lead as headaches or problems? If so, you are in a place of entitlement and believe that these people are here to do something for you. Do you see your people as the solutions to the challenges that will naturally present themselves? If so, then you show gratitude for the gifts they have and bring to the table.

Gratitude is a major mindset of the accountable leader. What actions have you taken today that show you are in a place of gratitude? What actions have you taken today that communicate to the people around you that they matter and that you appreciate them? Think gratitude!


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