Grow Your Sphere of Contribution

I went to get a haircut this morning and I had to wait for the gentleman to show up to cut my hair. He was running late again. He said he had to shovel snow in his driveway. Well, it did snow last night but the truth of the matter is, we all knew when we went to bed, that it was going to snow and he needed to get up early enough to clean his driveway off so he could get into work on time, just like I did.

You see, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of making excuses. We use excuses to cover up when we are less than accountable. Ultimately, it’s the excuses that are going to pull us down and it’s the accountability and the application of accountability that will allow us to grow and achieve what we’re trying to achieve. I don’t care whether you’re trying to sell more, provide better customer service, create a more safe work environment or create a leadership team that will grow your enterprise at a level that you’re trying to grow. Until we install a culture of accountability within our organization, we will never achieve at the level that we can achieve. The culture of accountability comes from knowing and living five simple accountabilities and that’s what I share in my book “No More Excuses”.

The fifth of those accountabilities is that we are accountable to make contributions to the relationships in our lives because everything that we have ever achieved has had a relationship involved within it. Think of your most amazing achievement, your proudest moment and I guarantee, there is a relationship somewhere in that process.

As we deliver value and grow our relationships, as we help others achieve what they’re trying to achieve, we create a network of individuals who are also there for us and ultimately, will help us achieve what it is that we’re trying to achieve.

Understanding and implementing all five accountabilities in your personal life or within your organization will help create and build a culture of accountability. When you create a culture of accountability within an organization, when everyone is speaking the same language, then you can achieve amazing things. You can grow sales, improve customer service and build your leadership team like never before.


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