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Sam Silverstein keynotes for creating outstanding healthcare leadership

Leading healthcare keynote speaker Sam Silverstein has worked with healthcare networks large and small to design, empower, establish corporate cultures that inspire and prioritize accountability. Along the way, as a healthcare keynote speaker, Sam positions leaders for success and healthcare organizations for sustained growth. Healthcare organizations around the world seek Sam out as their keynote speaker when they want to transform their team and move their organization to the next level.

When you hire Sam as a healthcare keynote speaker you are getting one of the world’s leading culture experts and a proven keynote speaker. Sam’s approach to leadership and accountability within the healthcare world is both unique and grounded on first-hand experiences and case studies.

Sam’s healthcare keynotes are not rhetoric. They are not book reports. His keynotes are interactive experiences that inspire your audience to want to learn more, be better, and ultimately apply the principles that Sam teaches in all of his presentations.


As a student of accountability, leadership, and exceptional organizational culture, Sam combines his thirst for what really works in the healthcare world and his unique ability to immediately connect with your audience to deliver a moving and powerful keynote that will leave your healthcare team primed for action.The goal of your next speaker should be to deliver content in an entertaining fashion and inspire action by the audience. Sam does just that.

As the author of 10 books on the topics of leadership, accountability, and personal development Sam knows what healthcare leadership needs to hear in a keynote presentation. As a Past President of the National Speakers Association Sam has a proven track record not just in the world of speaking but as a powerful healthcare keynote speaker. His program will leave your attendees wanting more, doing more, and enjoying greater leadership and accountability within your organization. Hire Sam to be the healthcare keynote speaker at your next event.

Reasons Organizations Book Healthcare Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein

  • They want to reinforce accountability within their leadership team
  • They want to create an environment where patient experience is exceptional
  • They want to attract the best people and retain the best people
  • They want employee engagement to be amazing
  • They want the meeting to deliver on the promise of great content and great entertainment
  • They want sustainability of excellence
  • They want the very best organizational culture

In Sam’s healthcare keynotes he discusses the following

  • The components of creating and maintaining a great healthcare culture
  • How healthcare rises and falls on leadership
  • What a leader’s true mission is
  • Techniques to design and protect a healthcare organization’s culture
  • The only way to truly inspire accountability within any organization
  • What really drives an outstanding patient experience environment
  • The high level of teamwork and employee engagement that is truly possible and sustainable within a healthcare organization
  • How leadership can immediately transform the healthcare organization so people at all levels feel valued

To address a request by senior leaders to assist our leadership team with accountability, I invited Sam to speak with our leaders and provided each participant with a copy of his book, No More Excuses. Sam’s presentation resonated with each of us and his powerful message motivated us to take steps to ensure we created a culture where accountability is inspired. As a result, we embarked on an effort to redefine our values and embed them into our organization. We learned from Sam that values form the foundation from which accountability is possible and with the changes we’ve implemented as a result of Sam’s advice, I’m confident that our organization is positioned to experience even greater success.

~Lisa Passi, MS Manager, OD Consulting Group, Moffitt Cancer Center

You delivered a truly inspiring message. And, you didn’t just talk: You interreacted, motivated and challenged. I personally enjoyed your speech and left the day thinking about the challenges and questions you put forth. I was glad to join the audience in giving you a standing ovation.
On a business note, I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for your professionalism, warmth and easy-going manner. It was as sincere pleasure not only to hear you speak, but to work with you.

~Dale Evans-Blackmon Director, Network Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri

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