How To Destroy Your Business

My phone rings all the time with people looking for help in building their business.  They want to sell more, be more profitable, and find more satisfaction in their life.  Usually I share experiences from over 30 years of business building.  They seem amazed when the ideas I use with them turn into bottom line profits.  I’ve come to expect exceptional results, as techniques proven over time are the best way to build a solid foundation for forward growth.

For a change I thought it might be fun to talk about how to destroy a business rather than build one.  Here are five things you can do to destroy your business.  (If you’re really good you could be out of business in just a few months).

1.       Treat your staff poorly.  The people who work with and for you have helped make you a success.  They are the ones who leverage your expertise, systems and resources.  They make it possible to rapidly grow your business.

Start taking them for granted.  Don’t ever say, “Thank You.”  And, for Pete’s sake don’t let them feel like they are a part of your success.  If you ever let them enjoy internal satisfaction for your achievements they might work harder and stay with you.  None of that if you’re going to destroy your business.

Ignore their expressed needs and definitely don’t seek out information about them that would allow you to better serve them.  Keep these people at arms length and always make sure they know you have a want ad running in the paper.

If you can rapidly reduce moral and personal satisfaction you will be amazed at how quickly you can successfully destroy your business.

2.       If you think stepping all over the people working with you will help destroy your business just think how disregarding your clients can accelerate this process.  Thank you notes are definitely out of the question as are occasional phone calls.

Make it your business to not know their business.  Who care about their personal issues?  Not you!  Think of all the free time you’ll create by not having to think about your clients or even engage them.

Make sure clients and prospects do not know about product and service offerings and be sure and send mixed messages about your businesses focus and expertise.

3.       Product quality really doesn’t matter.  You’re trying to ruin your business.  Don’t waste time making sure that your products are of quality design and manufacture.  If you are in a service business, I wouldn’t bother worrying about the accuracy of your paperwork. 

Some times, good products are hard to bring down.  If that’s your situation just sit on orders and make sure that delivery times go through the roof.  Make sure important documentation is always missing, and never ship orders complete.  Backorders are great!

4.       You deserve more.  It’s time to spend some money.  Why save for tomorrow when you could get run over today!  Buy a new car, upgrade your computer and take a two-week vacation.  Spending money is great, and nothing says failure better then an open and liberal check book.

My thinking is if you’re going to go out, then you might as well go out in stile.  Go ahead; flaunt your success.  And, if you haven’t yet achieved the success you seek, go on and make it look like you have anyway.  Don’t worry if you can’t afford these things.  You’ll cover it out of cash flow or through your line of credit.

5.       Apathy works wonders.  Don’t just delegate; abdicate.  There’s no reason to follow through on what those around you are doing.  Give them the task and then forget about it.  Hey, you’re not going to be here in three months anyway, right?

Too many successful business people just care too much.  Don’t fall into that trap.  If you don’t care, then it just won’t matter when things go south.  Don’t pay attention to detail, and for sure let others with less at stake make those important decisions for you.  Show up when you want.  Leave early.  Hey, life is short.  Why worry?  You’re on the road to destruction!

Well, there you go, five easy steps to quickly destroy your business.  Read them.  Follow them.  Live them.  You can file for bankruptcy in no time at all.

Or, do as we do around here and ignore them — you will be on the road to Building a Better Biz.


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