It Takes Less to be Accountable

Now as we go through life, many times we see people who are looking for shortcuts. They’re looking for the easy and the quick road to success. And many times, it takes more time for that quick road to success than the one that is the accountable road to success.

Here are five steps that will help you go down that accountable road to success to achieve what you want to achieve as individual and to help the organization achieve what the organization needs to achieve to move to the next level.

The first is that we need to know what we need to accomplish. We need to know what our goal is. And when we know what our goal is, then the second step is we need to know what we must do to accomplish it. I call it, knowing our strategic intent and then determining what our right things are, those activities that we need to be engaged in daily, weekly, monthly, that if we perform them consistently and consistently well, we will achieve our goal.

Now on the way, we’re going to run into struggles and challenges so we need to evaluate our progress and make adjustments where necessary. Just because we run into roadblocks doesn’t mean we have to give up our goals. It just means maybe we need to take the detour. Find another way around. Find what it is to get what we want.

When we achieve our goal, we need to celebrate our success, we need to rejoice, we need to take time to enjoy that moment. And then number five, we need to move on to the next goal because we don’t want to sit around complacent, we need to continue growing and continue achieving. If we know what we want to accomplish, if we figure out what the steps are that we need to do to accomplish it, evaluate our progress on a regular basis, celebrate our success and then move forward to our next goal, we can achieve amazing things both individually and as an organization.


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