It’s Time To Quit

I want you to quit. That’s right. I want you to quit. When was the last time someone said you should quit? You should stop. You should give up. You don’t hear it very often but the truth is, sometimes, quitting is the essence of success. How can that be? It’s simple.

Our plates are so full with so many activities that we don’t have the time or the space or the mental capacity to take on a new activity that’s going to lead us to the success that we’re trying to achieve. We need to find what’s not working and quit. I’m not saying give up on a project. I’m not saying walk away from something before you’re able to achieve the success that eventually you should be able to achieve. What I’m saying is we need to evaluate the activities in our lives and then decide. Are they really yielding the results that we want or are there other activities, other ventures that could give us a greater return on our time and investment? Because when we eliminate what’s taking up our time and implement new ideas, new business ventures, new product lines, then we’re able to grow at a substantially faster rate and achieve what it is that we’re trying to achieve.

We are accountable to manage our space, the space in our life that allows us to achieve what it is that we deserve and have the ability to achieve.  We must take the time to determine what is really working and what isn’t.  We need to know our options as well.  We need to know what new directions we can go, projects we can assume and new products we can offer.  Maybe there is a new client service experience initiative that would be a valuable use of our time and financial resources.

Quit what isn’t working or only generating marginal results.  Then, use that new “space” to take on a new project and accelerate your growth and success.


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