Keep It Simple – Accountable To Be Our Best

I recently changed the way that I shave. I went from a five-edge blade back to what some would call an old-fashioned double-edged razor. It’s a single blade. Here’s what I’ve discovered. With the single blade, I’m getting just as good a shave, maybe better than the five blades I was using.

You see, sometimes in business, we accumulate stuff that gets in the way and what we need to be doing is we need to be focusing on the value that we deliver to our clients and nothing else because everything else gets in the way. Everything else drives up expenses. Everything else is a cost overrun for us and for the clients.

Sure, the razor manufacturer would much rather sell me a $4 razor blade than a 35-cent double-edged razor blade. But why engage in that level of business when you can deliver true value to your clients?

Look to simplify what you do. Look at the core of what it is that you do and deliver on that to the very best that you can. Sometimes, when you try to deliver something that’s so big, you do it in a marginal way rather than keeping it simple and being the best there is, the best for your clients, the best for your self and the best as a leader in trying to build your organization.  We are all accountable to be our best.


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