Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein, CSP, CPAE

Accountability Expert, Author, Consultant

As a Hall of Fame keynote speaker Sam Silverstein will help your organization become more accountable

Make accountability your competitive advantage.™ Accountability is the highest form of leadership. Keynote speaker Sam Silverstein will challenge your audience to think differently in order to achieve different results. Sam brings a fresh outlook based on over 30 years of research and study in the field of accountability, leadership, and corporate culture. Your audience will be moved, entertained, stretched and inspired when they hear Sam speak at your next event.

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Accountability Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein

Bring in a keynote speaker who has built successful organizationsand can impact your people


Does a culture that prioritizes accountability connect to your bottom line? Absolutely!

At the end of the day, there are two kinds of leaders: those who do not get why it is vitally important to build and sustain an accountable culture and those who do. This program makes a compelling case for investing in an accountable workplace culture … and offers a clear, five-step action plan for making it happen in your organization.

Sam Silverstein lays out the evidence that creating an inspired workplace culture based on accountability makes it possible for your organization to deliver steady, sustainable organizational growth in all the metrics that matter, including revenue.

During this engaging and interactive program, participants will discover:

  • The Importance of Accountability: Recognize that building and sustaining an accountable workplace culture is not just a choice but a necessity. It’s essential for creating a high-performance environment that can drive success in your organization.
  • The Link Between Culture and Bottom Line: Understand the critical connection between organizational culture and financial success. Recognize that a culture of accountability can directly impact your company’s bottom line, including revenue and other important metrics.
  • A Compelling Case for Investment: Gain insight into the compelling arguments and evidence for investing in an accountable workplace culture. Understand the tangible benefits that such a culture can bring, not only for your business but also for the communities and individuals associated with your organization.
  • Five-Step Action Plan: Learn a clear and actionable five-step plan for creating and maintaining an accountable culture within your organization. This plan will serve as a roadmap for CEOs to implement these changes effectively.
  • Remove obstacles and excuses to inspire collaboration and accountability
  • Sustainable Growth in All Metrics: Realize that by fostering a culture of accountability, your organization can achieve steady and sustainable growth in all the key performance metrics that matter, such as revenue, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and more. This program can provide CEOs, culture professionals, and leaders at all levels with the tools and knowledge needed to drive long-term success through a culture that prioritizes accountability.

What does it look like when EVERY member of your organization keeps their commitments? When truth and values are held in the highest esteem? When authenticity permeates all relationships? It looks like next-level success. It feels like positive momentum. It lays the foundation for creativity, collaboration and high performance.

Sam knows first-hand how to create a corporate culture that engages employees, maximizes productivity, and inspires accountability. You’ll walk away from his program with highly effective tools to build trust, enhance engagement, cultivate more meaningful relationships, and truly come together as a cohesive team. There’s never been a more important time to create a shift in culture and commitment.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Design a culture based on commitments and values
  • Develop authentic leaders throughout the enterprise
  • Leverage the power of cultural values – internally, externally, and communally
  • Remove obstacles and excuses to inspire collaboration and accountability
  • Create an organizational culture obsession that will drive your culture to stronger performance and customer experience

The Theory of AccountabilityTM recasts the well-known formula of E=mc2 as the Accountability Equation, which holds the secret to inspiring a radical transition in how individuals show up in their own lives to accomplish their purpose and serve others. This equation reveals that the Experience we create is the result of the Mindset we embrace and the exponential impact of our Commitment. By attending to the three critical factors that determine the level of accountability in one’s life, organization, and community, readers will discover how to design and step into a future that is firmly grounded in a clear sense of purpose and possibility.

The Theory of AccountabilityTM forces a reconsideration of how we view accountability. As Silverstein explains, “Accountability is not a way of doing. Accountability is a way of thinking about people through the lens of Experience, Mindset, and Commitment.” When individuals and leaders actively create the future they want to live, frame their mindset around abundance rather than fear, and take persistent, relentless action in support of the experience they are generating, their beliefs, and their relationships, they will experience personal and organizational transformation unlike any other!

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the three mindsets of accountability and how to apply them personally and organizationally
  • Create a specific outcome/goal and achieve it every time
  • Empower a team to identify priorities, eliminate obstacles, and enhance communication
  • Discover and leverage the enormous power of commitments both individually and at all levels of the organization

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks.

To win in today’s market, organizations need leaders who can innovate. Explore diversity. Cultivate creativity. Nurture cohesiveness. And foster a culture that embraces change. When they do? Employee engagement soars. Collaboration gets exciting. Productivity is elevated and exponential growth is possible.

Sam shares game-changing strategies with audiences that help clearly define core values, connect them to every member of an organization, and make them the driving force behind every decision. Sam’s ability to help companies build rock-solid foundations and cut through the clutter and noise of distractions throughout every facet of their company culture, business processes, customer connectivity, and communication.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Take ownership of your company’s mission and vision
  • Use company values to drive all decisions
  • Build massive trust through The Ten Commitments of Accountability
  • Connect your organizational culture and values to your community
  • Become and develop as impactful leaders

Change is an integral part of our world. The ability to get ahead of it, manage it, or initiate it for any organization falls squarely on the shoulders of leadership. Focusing on what people do won’t cut it anymore. Truly accountable leaders instead turn their focus on changing the way people THINK.

Sam brings audiences together to best understand what a powerful catalyst change can be for positively growing business, redefining relationships, and letting go of the status quo. Leaders who meet change head on and make it their partner, drive momentum and deliver results.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the “Change Categories” all people fall into and how to motivate each person successfully
  • Communicate more purposefully utilizing The Terms of Change™
  • Empower your team to drive change versus resist change
  • Master the one thing organizations must believe if they are going to effectively create an organization that thrives through change

It’s time to show excuses the door. Whether at work or at home, people often make excuses out of over-commitment, lack of understanding, or poor time management. In a world where there are more resources available than ever before – it’s time to get to the bottom line. Ultimately, they make excuses by focusing on what they cannot control instead of focusing on what they can control.

As the founder of the Accountability Movement™, Sam brilliantly lays out the relationship between what we value and what we can control and illuminates the strategies, mindsets, and tools necessary to eliminate excuses from our personal and professional lives. Accountability is a way of thinking. It is how we think about ourselves and others.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Discover your foundational, relational, professional and community values
  • Connect your values to the art of living an accountable life
  • Improve your relationships through keeping commitments
  • Eliminate excuses that hold you back from their potential

It’s no longer enough for hospitals and health systems to have a mission statement hung on a wall. To meet society’s demands in our consumer-driven healthcare marketplace, organizations must change the way they think about people and relationships.

Sam teaches healthcare professionals from every level to take ownership and commit to their organizational mission and values and how to weave them throughout every facet of their culture, clinical processes, patient care, and communication. You’ll walk away with highly effective tools to build trust, enhance engagement, cultivate more meaningful relationships, and truly come together as a cohesive team.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Promote engagement by creating a culture based on commitments and values
  • Build massive trust through The Ten Commitments of Accountability
  • Remove obstacles and inspire collaboration to improve patient care
  • Communicate more purposefully utilizing The Terms of Change™

In this powerful facilitated conversation Sam leads a discussion with leaders from your organization to discuss all aspects of workplace culture. Sam will uncover what is working and what is not. He will lead the panel to share insights that everyone in the room will be able to apply immediately.

Sam will also engage the audience and bring them into this powerful workplace culture conversation. In a great culture everyone has a voice at the table and Sam delivers on that promise in this impactful experience.

During the facilitated conversation, attendees will come away with:

  • Best practices for designing a culture
  • Common challenges that can derail even the best culture
  • Ways of engaging people to contribute to their part of the culture
  • Proven and implementable ideas on how to create a sustainable positive workplace culture longterm

This program is a great fit for associations and groups of leaders working to create a stronger culture.




With over 26 years’ experience as a professional speaker, a Past President of the National Speakers Association, and a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame you know you are getting a proven result.



All of Sam’s content is based on actual case studies, research and first-hand experience with clients. Sam is the author of 10 books on the topics of accountability, leadership, and personal growth.



With over 39 years in leadership roles including CEO, Sam has faced and effectively handled the leadership challenges your audience has or will have.



Sam has been told on many occasions, “We just haven’t heard it like that before.” Sam delivers real value! Your audience will love Sam’s stories and real world examples.



Sam doesn’t just speak to your people, he has a conversation with them. He engages them on a totally new level and addresses their specific situations. The relationship that Sam builds with your audience will lead them to believe Sam’s message and want to put it into action.



Sam takes your audience on a journey of emotions leading them to laugh, think, wonder and ultimately choose to take action.



There is no drama, no special requests, and he is very easy to work with.



Not Sam, you! Your people will think you are a genius for bringing Sam in to address the leadership and accountability challenges they struggle with.



This is not just a canned program. Sam takes the time to learn your organization, your people, and their specific challenges. Then, Sam shows everyone in the room how to apply what he teaches so they can really improve.



Ultimately your audience will leave thinking that they have been given a fine gift. Their brains will be turned on. They will be emotionally moved. And, they will want to take action.

Accountability keynote speaker Sam Silverstein will inspire transformation at your next event

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