Leadership Exit Plan

Do you have a leadership exit plan? That’s right, a leadership exit plan. In other words, have you developed leaders so that you have an exit plan? This is a way to move up in your organization, a way to develop further, a way to take on new responsibilities.

You see, until you develop the people that are going to take your responsibilities, you’re not going to have the time to take on additional responsibilities. One of the five accountabilities in “No More Excuses” is that we need to be accountable to manage our space. And by that, I mean, many times, we need to eliminate things that we’re doing so that we have space for new opportunities and new challenges. One way to eliminate what we’re doing is to eliminate activities that are no longer profitable, no longer makes sense.

Another way to eliminate is to develop other leaders within the organization, to develop other competent individuals that you can move some of your responsibilities to, so that now you have the time to take on new challenges. Now, you have the time to develop new vision. Now, you have the time to grow and become the leader that you are destined to be.

We all need leadership exit plans but they are crucial and only work when we develop the leaders behind us. A mark of a great leader is developing other leaders. A mark of a great leader is sharing their vision with others within the organization. And as you develop those leaders, not only will your organization grow in power, magnitude and success, but you will be in a position to create your leadership exit plan. Not that you’re leaving the organization, but you’re going to exit some of the activities that you’re doing now and promote yourself up so that you can take on new activities, new responsibilities.

Even if you’re the CEO, there are other things out there that you could be doing that would generate profits for your organization and stimulus and growth for you as an individual. Develop the leaders behind you. Create your leadership exit plan and you’ll be building a successful business.


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