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Sam Silverstein keynotes for creating passionate leaders and stronger organizations

Sam Silverstein is recognized as a powerful leadership keynote speaker. With his audiences, Sam shares stores, case studies and truths from real life experiences as a CEO and leader that allow participants to become better leaders themselves and develop stronger leadership within the organization. Through his impactful keynotes Sam is a speaker that builds trust with the audience and then empowers them to be more effective leaders. As your next leadership keynote speaker, Sam will speak the language your leaders and emerging leaders understand and give them the tools they need to succeed.


Organizations that hire Sam as a leadership keynote speaker discover that the true power of a leader is realized through their impact and influence. Accountability is the highest form of leadership™ and Sam teaches leaders how to grow and become accountable leaders.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. This isn’t just rhetoric for Sam. As a partner and CEO Sam has built organizations, led organizations and created teams of people eager to work toward a common goal. Being a leadership keynote speaker isn’t all about show, it is about teaching and moving people to want to be the best leaders they can be.

It is critical to bring in a leadership keynote speaker who understands the challenges that all levels of leadership face.

Sam has worked in every position from entry level warehouse work to production work all the way to the C-suite. As a leadership keynote speaker, Sam knows the challenges your people are facing and how to address them in order to achieve the mission and goals at hand.

A great leadership speaker not only draws from their leadership experience, but they know how to relate what they teach to those in the room. Everyone must be able to apply what is taught when they return to the job.

As a leadership keynote speaker, Sam teaches the responsibility that comes with being a leader. As an author, Sam has written 10 books that help individuals grow to be their best and to excel at the leadership position they hold. Bring Sam in as a leadership keynote speaker for your next event!

Reasons Businesses and Organizations Book Accountability Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein

In Sam’s leadership keynotes he discusses the following

I've brought a lot of speakers in and no one has ever said what you did. Your program would be worth it no matter how much you charge.

We've had many guests present to our company and you really had the room's attention and shared some amazing tips that fit so well in our Value beliefs.

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