Love and Accountability

Working with leaders around the world affords me the opportunity to see up close what works and what does not when it comes to outstanding leadership. I have seen leaders who have built incredible organizations with amazing workplace culture. And, I have seen leaders who struggle to keep their best people, attract new employees, and build a sustainable workplace culture. Here is what I find is the common denominator of the most successful, most accountable, leaders I have come across.

The very best leaders are those leaders who truly love people. That is the common denominator. These accountable leaders love all people which makes it only natural that they love their people.

If you do not love all people, it is hard to transition to really loving your people. What do I mean about loving people? What does that look like in reality? When you love people, you care about them. You want to see your people excel for their benefit. You want their lives enriched and their family to prosper. You only want good for them, and you stand at the ready to help them in any way possible.

Nowhere in there did I even mention grow your business, build sales, ship more, or make more money for the company. When a leader really loves people and then, for sure, loves their people, she/he is always going to be serving them at the highest level. When an accountable leader takes care of their people, their people will naturally want to take care of the leader and the organization.

Why would anyone ever do anything that would damage the relationship with someone who was looking out for their own best interest? They would not.

If the leader is focused on the bottom line first, then the people know they come second and they put the company further down their list of priorities. People respond in kind. Love your people and they will love you back.

Do you put people first?
Do you ensure the safety and success of the people you lead?
Do you love people?


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