Messed Up? Own it. Fix it. Move On

I was late for a Zoom call this morning. I didn’t look at my calendar first thing this morning, started working on something in my studio, and I overlooked it. It’s on me. I messed up.

So, what do I do now that I’ve messed up? What do I say when I get on the call? What kind of “story” can I create to not look as bad? Maybe I could blame someone else? The call was put on my calendar short notice; does that count for something?

Well, the bottom line is since I messed up the best thing was to tell them I messed up, apologize, and get on with the call. When you mess up, fix it, fix it fast, and then move on.

No one likes to be given a line – told a “story” while you are trying to attempt to look better or deflect attention when you made a mistake. We all know too many “supposed” leaders who try to use that technique. It does not work!

What kind of leader are you? Are you an accountable leader? Do you operate in a transparent manor and value other people? Do you always lead with the truth?

We have it in our power to be better, to grow to become our very best. Growing to be our best is always going to start with honesty to ourselves and extend to honesty with others.

We will all mess up at some point. Just fix it fast and move on. Lead with the truth and stay there!


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