Micro Center … Macro Accountability

My company runs on Apple Macs but we have one PC running Windows. It is used for a critical production process and we cannot afford for it to be down. Well it was down and it was down for 48 hours. When we could not fix the programs ourselves, or with the assistance of a call in help desk, I decided it was time to take action and resolve the issue once and for all. The computer was purchased as part of an automated disc duplication production line. It is several years old and long out of warranty. A friend recommended going to the help desk at Micro Center, a retail computer hardware store.

I carried in the computer and asked where the help desk was. Micro Center conveniently has the desk off to the right as I entered the store. I signed in and Dave called my name. I explained the issues and that I wanted to completely install Windows from scratch. As soon as Dave heard what I needed he rolled into action.

Dave said that I needed a special driver in addition to the Windows install disk. He went to the Dell website, downloaded it and put it on a floppy disc. He then inserted both the floppy and the Windows install DVD and booted up the machine.

Dave was able to initiate the install process. He told me to feel free to look around the store and that he would monitor progress. After about 30 minutes I mentioned that I had a phone call I needed to make and Dave said to take my time and he would continue the installation. Well, my conference call lasted 45 minutes and when I returned Dave had completed the Windows installation, downloaded and installed all the necessary drivers for the many add-on boards that were in this computer and placed copies on the desktop of the two upgrade packages that I would need when I returned to my office. Dave was friendly, very knowledgeable and dedicated to great service.

The entire process took about two hours. When I asked Dave what the charge would be he said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad to get you back up and running.” I stood there in disbelief. Here was an out of warranty piece of equipment that I didn’t even purchase from Micro Center and they helped solved all of my problems at no charge.

This is a prime example of being accountable to contribute to your relationships. Yes, they do provide fee based services but if they can handle your problem at their help desk then many times they simply do not charge. By offering this level of service Micro Center is in essence contributing to important relationships. Micro Center is positioning themselves as a leader in the technology community and a leader in providing assistance to the community in which they serve.

How You Can Apply These Skills

What relationships do you have in your personal or professional life that you could be making contributions to? From an organizational standpoint, what relationships could you make contributions to? Create a list of six people whom you could contribute value to. Be accountable to contribute to your relationships and watch as people around you flourish. You never know where your new and enhanced relationships will go.

By the way, while I was looking around the store I found this nifty device that allows me to back up all my files and then provide me access to them from anywhere in the world via the internet. Guess who is now a loyal Micro Center customer?!


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