Networking to Achieve

A friend of mine recently reached out to me via Skype. She wanted to connect me with a client of hers. He had a successful business and recently wrote a book and wanted to be speaking more professionally. She knew I was the past president of National Speaker’s Association and thought I might be a good resource for him so she made the connection.

We had a phone call and he was a really nice guy. Guess what? During the call, I tried to serve him and give him some ideas and information that would be of benefit to him, like join the National Speaker’s Association, get involved, learn all about the professional speaking. Through the conversation it turns out that several of his key clients or clients that I have either had a relationship with or looking to build a relationship and in return, he’s offered to help me into those doors that I have been having trouble getting into.

It’s great when someone connects you with someone new. You build a new relationship because the relationship is like a bridge; you never know where it’s going to take you. I always look to build new relationships. But wow, what a powerful concept of introducing people that you know to others that you know and helping them build relationships. Because guess what, they’ll think of someone that you should know, that you should meet and then you will be building new relationships because of their efforts on your behalf.

Think those people who make a difference in your life and stay in touch and build those relationships. And look for others in your life that you can help connect to help them build new relationships and over time, you’ll find yourself building new relationships, building new bridges, opening new opportunities and going places that maybe you wouldn’t have been able to go without the relationship.

Stop and think about it, think about everything great that’s happened in your life, in your personal life, in your career, as a leader, I bet you, you can’t think of one great thing that’s happened, one thing, one accomplishment that you have really wrapped your hands around, that you’re proud of that there wasn’t a relationship involved.

Relationships are really the bases for everything great that we’ve achieved and we need to renew our efforts, connecting people with other people and connecting results with new people so that we build our relationships and we have the opportunity to achieve what he have the ability to achieve.


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