No Place for Indecision in Leadership

When leadership is indecisive it has a profound effect on the people they lead. Leaders want their employees to bring innovative new ideas and possibilities to the table. The ability to consistently receive those new ideas is based on the consistency that leadership takes in encouraging and embracing the new ideas. If ideas are evaluated and then pursued or evaluated and a decision is made to not pursue the idea now or in the future that is fine. It is when leadership starts and stops implementing ideas and initiatives that indecision is exhibited by leadership and felt by the team.

Many times the lack of follow through on the part of leadership looks like indecision to the employee. Decisions are made for a reason. When leadership communicates those reasons, clarity is created. When decisions appear random and are not connected to the organizational values and objectives indecision is displayed and felt. Indecision in an organization hinders creativity, innovation and new ideas. When people are uncertain of what leadership will do, the people simply do not know how to move forward.

It is critical that the leader follow through on the decisions that has been made. The accountable leader knows their word is their bond and not following through is not an option. Not keeping your word is what causes a lack of trust and motivation.

There are times when a course of direction needs to change or a decision needs to be modified or reversed. There are many reasons why leadership might need to take a different direction regarding a prior decision. The financial health of the company or the instability of the market may be valid reasons to change direction but it can be seen as indecision when the change in direction is not fully communicated.

Indecision in an organization can be eliminated. It is a process that will take time. Keep these thoughts in your mind as indecision arises:

  • Do what you say you are going to do. Your employees are watching.
  • Trust your instincts as a leader. You hold the vision and direction of the company.
  • Your word is your bond. Don’t be afraid to communicate new direction. Trust the relationships you have built.
  • Establish positive values in the organization by living, modeling and teaching the values consistently. The values will produce a positive result when combined with consistency and commitment.

In this global business climate decisions are complicated and complex. A company that has solidly established the right values in their people will be able to make accountable decisions that will guide the organization to success.


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