Outsource – Get More Done!

As an entrepreneur you have to guard your time.  You have wonderful ideas, maybe more ideas than you can handle, but you need to stay focused.  Look at everything you do.  Which items are you great at?  Which tasks provide the greatest return in dollars on your time?  Which tasks could someone else do while you’re busy?

Outsourcing broadens your coverage.  By outsourcing you extend the amount of work you are able to get done and increase the return on your investment of time, your most precious commodity.

When looking for reliable people and organizations to outsource to you should consider the following three things.


1. Find experts

When you outsource you always want a great job but this is also the opportunity of getting a job done that would be better then you could do.  Don’t settle for job done.  Get the job done right.  You may be good at many things but you will be able to find people who are excellent at a few focused tasks.  Those are the people you are looking for.  You may find those people locally or through a service like eLance.com you may find them half way around the world.


2. Hire attention to detail

Always look for people who give great attention to detail.  Many entrepreneurs are great idea people but lack the discipline of managing the details.  Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to bring on board people who are strong detail people as well as strong skill people.  By doing this the effectiveness of your organization is greatly increased.


3. Check references

When you outsource your success is in someone else’s hands.  Do your due diligence and make sure that your potential outsourcing partner has a track record of doing what they say they do.  Ask for three references.  Then ask for three more.  Call the second set of three.


You can get more done, achieve at a higher level and ultimately create a greater income stream by outsourcing.  As a matter of fact this article was written for me by someone I outsourced the job to based on my ideas, thoughts and concepts.  Look to broaden your reach by outsourcing and leverage other people talents and skills — you will be on the road to Building a Better Biz.


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