The Lost Commandments – Hardback Book

Fusing wonder, mystery and self-discovery into a moving tale of revelation, The Lost Commandments sets the stage for unraveling the mystery of how to best live our lives and build relationships in our modern challenging times.

Sam Silverstein’s fast-pasted adventure is set first at a major university where a history teacher is challenged with a question by an unseen, unknown student in the back of the lecture hall; “What would happen if we had lost half of the great teachings of our time such as the Torah or Bible?”

When an unexplainable series of events leads the professor to speak at a world education conference in Jerusalem he befriends an old man, a falafel stand merchant, who knows more about the professor and life than would seem possible.

Join in the journey of belief and trust as the old man leads the professor through the teaching of 10 critical lost commandments and empowers the professor to share them with the world. Just when the professor has it all figured out everything changes in the end.


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