Purpose and Passion Lead To Accountability

When you take the time to look at what you value as a person you will come up with many items. Each of us has a values fingerprint that is unique from everyone else. If you listed your top 7 values they would have different elements or be prioritized differently from anyone else’s.

Ultimately when you know what you value most and you focus on that top value you will discover a natural energy and passion. This passion will drive you to get up early and stay up late if it means you are focused and working on your top value. Spending time trying to do things that we don’t value leads to frustration, discontent and many unfinished projects.

An individual will be their most accountable self when engaged with people they like and trust, participating in activities that are aligned with their top value. People who value service will do anything to make sure a customer is happy. Service is their reason for existing and they love to provide service for others. Accountants who value detail will be at their very best when making sure the numbers are correct to the penny. Engineers that value precision will make sure a product is designed to perfection. Working in their passion, based on what they value, allows people to be at their very best both for themselves and others around them.

When you know what you value and understand your purpose, passion naturally follows. When you are working in your passion you naturally want to be accountable. It is very difficult to be passionate about something and not strive to keep your commitments to both yourself and the people you connect to. Telling someone to be accountable will never work. Making sure that you and the people around you are working in their passion, as derived from what they value, creates an environment where people want to be accountable. This environment will always create greater employee engagement, greater productivity, a far more relaxed and enjoyable work environment and ultimately greater profitability.


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