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Sam Silverstein keynotes for building more resilient individuals building resilience in your organization

Resilience keynote speaker Sam Silverstein has helped organizations around the world build more resilient leaders and employees and more resilient organizations. Creating a mindset of resilience connects to sustainability and stronger bottom-line results. As a resilience keynote speaker, Sam will engage your people to understand the importance of building strength from the inside out. Resilience keynote speaker Sam Silverstein knows that all organizations face challenges; the resilient organizations work through the challenges and great a stronger brighter future. Helping your people discover both how they individually build resilience and work together to create a resilient organization is what resilience keynote speaker Sam Silverstein will bring to your organization.

A mindset of resilience does not just happen by itself. Resilience is built into the corporate culture. Resilience becomes the standard for which you are known when a strong set of values are created and established throughout the organization. As your resilience keynote speaker Sam will lead the conversation on what creates resilience, how all your people will benefit both individually and organizationally by forging a foundation of resilience to operate from.

Focusing on what is in our control and not making excuses is a hallmark of resilient team-members. Sam will teach your people how to focus on what they can control and turn away from the things they cannot control. He will move them from excuses to effective decision making and a results-oriented mentality. As a resilience keynote speaker Sam knows just how to get your people focused on what really matters.

Another foundational element of a great resilience keynote speaker is the ability to help attendees to identify shortcomings and build creative ways to bounce back from setbacks they face. Organizations that have created an attitude of resilience find themselves shortening the “challenge curve” and accelerating recovery. Resilient people and organizations commonly outdistance competition in the most difficult of times. Sam shows organization both how to prepare for those difficult situations and how to leverage their preparation to accelerate recovery.

As a CEO and the author of 11 books on personal and organizational development, accountability, and corporate cultures that flourish with resilience Sam knows what your people need to hear and will connect with them on a deep level to inspire them to take the action necessary to not allow challenges to stand in their way of over the barriers of success that naturally present themselves and position them to achieve common goals. Bring Sam Silverstein in to be the resilience keynote speaker at your next event or meeting.

Reasons Businesses and Organizations Book Resilience Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein

In Sam’s resilience keynotes he discusses the following:

Sam Silverstein brings practicality and focus to leaders of teams. His message is clear yet challenging, inviting leaders to define the values that govern their teams for the good of their organizations. Months after the fact, our members were still talking about Sam and his message. They were crafting their values and building their organizations’ culture with intention in ways they never have before.

I've brought a lot of speakers in and no one has ever said what you did. Your program would be worth it no matter how much you charge.

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