Seven Little Things That Make A Big Difference In Business

Every day we are faced with major decisions and large issues.  Some of our decisions involve large sums of money and effect people in a profound way.  We worry, fret, or lose sleep, which can adversely affect our health in dealing with these big decisions and issues.

Effective business professionals must be able to stay focused but maintain a wide field of vision.  In addition to the major issues, there are seemingly small activities that can yield great results.

Here are seven little things that you can do to make a big impact on your business.

1.  Say “Thank You”

Take the time to thank the people who are a part of your success.  Too often we only focus on customers.  While you should thank your customers on a regular basis, you should also thank the other important people that contribute to your success.

Take the time to say “Thank You” to your suppliers, others working in your organization, and anyone who adds value to what you do.  Remember, the mailperson is important to your success just as the person behind the counter at the office supply store.

People like to be appreciated and will be there for you when you need them if they know how much you really care.

2.  Re-connect

Is there someone in college who you haven’t spoken with in many years?  Maybe there is an old client or supplier who you’ve lost touch with.  Have you moved up the ladder and lost contact with some of your former professional friends?

Re-connect with some of these people.  You will be amazed at how much someone will appreciate your taking the time to call and say, “Hello.”  Many times, others are thinking about you but they are too busy or just don’t make the time to call.  You can make that call and earn their goodwill.

Business is built on relationships.  Re-connecting with someone will rekindle a friendship and renew a relationship.

3.  Ask for the order

As a sales professional you have many responsibilities.  You must understand your clients’ needs, develop product and industry knowledge, and make presentations just to name a few.  Probably the most overlooked responsibility of a sales professional is to ask for the order.

Not only do you need to ask for the order, you may need to ask for the order several times and in different ways to ultimately get the order!  And, when you ask your client that final question, always shut up and let them respond.  If you continue to speak you will release positive pressure from the moment and most likely not get the sale

4.  Organize

Don’t just continue on with old antiquated systems.  Many people are not mentally or physically organized.  If you fall into this group, take the time to get organized now!

By creating order in your professional life you will become more efficient, achieve more, and build your business.  I average one day a week in what I call my organize mode.  I want to be in charge.  I don’t want to be the dog that is wagged by its tail

5.  Make Time to Strategically Plan

This may not really be a little thing, but I just had to include it on my list.  The three main reasons businesses fail is that they lack financial capital, they lack personal capital, and they lack strategic planning.  Strategic planning will allow you to design the organization you want to build so that you can go about achieving that goal.

Many professionals I know set aside time once a year to strategically plan their business.  Actually this process should be visited on a weekly basis, sometimes more often!

Having a coach lead you through the process is great.  Some people look to their mastermind group for assistance.  Serious professionals may have both!

6.  Do Something Extra

Great customer service, low prices, and being polite are all required to just play the game.  If you want to get ahead in any business you must do something extra for your people.

By now you know that when I say, “people” I mean more then your customers.  Go the extra mile and do something special that will impact everyone you come into contact with.

A business owner I know will barbeque lunch for his employees once a month.  It’s a festive time, and everyone really appreciates Tom slaving over the grill to cook the hotdogs and hamburgers.

Watch someone light up when you do the unexpected.  Your customers, associates, etc. will all stay loyal beyond your wildest dreams.

7.  Be Yourself

This lesson is very important.  So often in life we try to be the best John, or Suzy because we admire them.  We want to copy and emulate them rather than try to understand our strengths and who we really are.

If you try to copy someone else, you can only be “almost” as good as them.  If you try and be the best “you,” then it is always possible to be number one!  People want and respect other people who are genuine. 

Discover the real you.  Enjoy that journey, and then share the real you with all you come into contact with.

For the next seven weeks, take one of these seven items and focus on them.  Work to bring it into your life and the lives of those you serve.  Build these seven “little things” into what you do, and you will be accountable to Building a Better Biz.


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