Stop Worrying About Everybody Else’s Accountability and Focus on Your Own

We hear it all the time. “I want my kids to be more accountable.” “I wish my people would be more accountable.” “They should be more accountable.” We tend to focus on our need for the people around us to be accountable. The truth is that only when we choose to be accountable will the people in our personal and professional lives be accountable.

All too often we want in others what we don’t have in ourselves. Accountability is no different.

When we are accountable we set an expectation of accountability that the people around us will respond to.

Rather than looking for the shortcomings in others we need to be the example. We have to set the standard and only then can we accept nothing less.

People look to leaders as the model. What are you modeling?

We can’t be accountable unless we spend spend sufficient time thinking about what we value. Accountability is keeping your commitments to people and those commitments are based on our values. Accountability flows from a desire to know and live your values

As leaders in our businesses, communities, families and other organizations that we are part of we have the opportunity to set the example, to model what accountability is and to impact and influence others around us. Don’t wait for someone else to set the pace and certainly don’t criticize in others what you may not be doing yourself. Let your actions speak for your beliefs and the standard you set for yourself and then you will be building accountability in the world around you.


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