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The Four Secret Characteristics of Successful People

Why do some people succeed and others fail? Are there genetic differences between those who fail and those who succeed? Is success a result of luck or traits that are learned and developed? These are just some of the questions we continually ask ourselves as we seek our own success. Does the grass eternally look greener on the other side of the fence? Well, here are the four secret characteristics of all successful people. 1. Vision All successful people have

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Wine, Oatmeal and Other Variables

I went in for my annual check up recently. Everything looked good, except my doctor was a little concerned that my cholesterol level had risen. “I know you exercise like a demon,” he said, “But have you thought about having a glass of wine with dinner each evening?” There are only a few variables that impact your cholesterol levels, and diet, exercise, hereditary issues and some specific “good” foods just about cover it. As a

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Strategic Marketing™ – Part III

In part one of this article we discussed the seven organizational resources that are critical to optimize, and three questions you must answer in any prospects mind if you are to successfully market and sell your product or service. In part two we talked about the four groups you should consider marketing to. Now we need to look at The Four Phases To Marketing Success. There are four specific phases that you can incorporate in

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Strategic Marketing™ – Part II

In part one of this article we discussed the seven organizational resources that are critical to optimize and three questions you must answer in any prospects mind if you are to successfully market and sell your product or service. With that information in hand, it is not time to look at whom you should be marketing to. There are four groups to consider marketing to. – The Universe – Target Market – Prospects – Clients

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Strategic Marketing™ – Part I

Sales are often referred to as the lifeblood of an organization. But, it is impossible to have an effective sales program without a corresponding and effective marketing initiative. Most organizations just start trying things in the hopes that one will generate some leads and resulting sales. Like all facets of your business, you should take a strategic approach. You should have an elaborate and systematic plan of action. I begin by defining marketing as everything that happens before and after the sale

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Sales Lessons From A Mentor

Over the years I’ve been blessed to have worked with some great sales professionals. I looked at these older and more experienced sales pros as my personal mentors. They taught me a lot, and they really made a big difference in my ability to build my businesses. One such pro, Mike, taught me three critical lessons. I want to share those with you today. 1. If you’re not in front of a prospect or customer you are unemployed. The bottom line

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Are You Easy To Do Business With?

Recently I had a speech for a large home-builder. It was an annual meeting, and they wanted to send their management team off with a bang. I arrived at the Westin Hotel and was greeted warmly at the front door. The doorman escorted me to the room that I would be speaking in and made sure that all of my things arrived properly. Once in the meeting room, Mike, the hotel manager in charge of

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Three Questions You Must Answer To Make The Sale

Ultimately, if you are going to sell any product or service, there are three questions you must answer in your prospect’s mind. This is true whether you are selling face-to-face or running a display ad. No sale has ever been made without these questions being answered either directly or indirectly. The first question is: Why should I buy? This question is all about need. It is the sales professional’s responsibility to illustrate need to the

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Eliminate Objections and Increase Sales

You close your sales opportunities 100% of the time when you make a presentation, right? You don’t? Why not? It’s a simple question with a simple answer: objections! People don’t buy because they have objections. If, and only if you can overcome all of a potential customer’s objections can you then close the sale. I went to the baseball game last fall. My favorite team, the Cardinals, were playing the Padres. It was a sold

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Give Them a Chance to Buy

I recently registered a new URL. (It is for those of you who are curious.) I used to handle the transaction. When I purchased the URL, a screen came up that asked if I would like more information on tools that would add value to my new URL. I had the option of saying yes or saying no. Right before hitting the final submit button there was a “special customer” offer that made

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