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Reinvent Your Business

Anyone that rents DVDs has heard of Netflix. Netflix has reinvented the video rental business. Instead of having to go to a store and rent the video and take it home and watch it and then bring it back before it’s too late and you have to pay fees, now, Netflix will just simply mail you your DVD. You watch it; you return it when you want. When you return it, you’ll receive the next

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Three Ways to Help Others Be Accountable

When I work with organizations in an effort to make accountability a significant part of their culture I often hear people say, “I’m accountable but the people around me are not.” Let’s assume for a moment that you are being accountable and do have a challenge with coworkers and teammates.  You can serve these people around you by helping them be accountable, and in the end, helping yourself as well.  Here are three ideas you

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