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Be A Great Teammate

Butler University made it to the championship game of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and almost won the whole tournament. What really impressed me was the way that Butler University coach, Brad Stevens communicated with his team. In the locker room, before the game, he said six words I’ll never forget. “Be a great teammate. Be accountable.”  What a powerful concept. Be a great teammate. In other words, support the other people around you. Be part

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Don’t Leave Your Business Up To the Lottery

The lottery was up to $90 million this past week and I bought a ticket.  It was just a dollar.  I immediately started calculating in my head that the total cash payout, after tax, would be about $42 million, still enough for a nice holiday.  Then the balance of the calculations began.  I could give $5 million to each child, $2 million to various charities.  And, I’d still have $20 million left to share with

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