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Paying The Price

Our experiences in life are a result of the sacrifices we make. Being a leader involves paying a high price in life sometimes. Listen as Sam shares what that price is and the importance of it.

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Focused and Committed

Being focused and remaining committed are important for the accountable leader. Listen as Sam shares on how we can be focused and committed in our lives.

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Listening With Intent

Learning to listen is a skill some people lack but take a moment to focus on a story that Sam shares about the power of listening and how taking the time to listen can help those around you.

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Accountability is a Commitment

Valuing people is not only important but it is also a commitment! Listen as Sam shares how seeing this commitment displayed in his life has changed the way he sees his environment!

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The Power Of Compassion

Living with compassion is important for the accountable leader. Listen as Sam shares the importance of compassion and how it affects the world and culture we live in!

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Patience Is A Virtue

Having patience is an important part of making right decisions. Listen as Sam shares on having patience and how we can learn from it!

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The Power Of Change

Change has no power unless we give it power! Learn how to react to change whether it’s good or bad! The power of change comes from inside you!

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