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Why Do We Reinforce a Lack of Accountability?

The City Recorder of Deeds in St. Louis recently requested a new car or a monthly car allowance of $700. Cars are provided for many city employees but there is so much more to this crazy story. You see, the Recorder was forced to resign because she violated the state’s nepotism statute. Prior to that there were two accidents with her city car. Both accidents happened with her husband at the wheel of the car.

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Where Should Your Expectations Be?

Are you looking to grow individually or possibly grow your organization? I find that one of the keys to growing an organization is knowing how to set the right expectations. You see, many times, we set our expectations based on past history and past history alone. And the bottom line is, we don’t even know if our past history was good. We’ll take a sales figure of say, 300 and decide we should grow that

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Better Expectations

Communicating with people in business is critical. Proper communication leads to excellent results. Improper communication or lack of communication means that we’re probably not going to get the results that we need. One important way to communicate is by establishing the right expectations. We are in fact accountable to establish those expectations. Expectations help drive results. Your team members will work towards those expectations that you together created. Those expectations will motivate them, it will

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