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Leadership – Doing What is Right

I believe most leaders know what’s right. They know they have an inner voice that consistently points them in the right direction. They just don’t always listen to that voice.

Why do we tune out that inner voice? Why do other considerations sway us? Quite frankly, when things aren’t right, I find it’s because we’re focused on money first, and people second — or not at all.

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Accountability Arose at Google

Organizational values teach, “how we do things here.” Organizational values teach the boundaries of an organization. Organizational values provide the guardrails that you must stay within.

It appears that Google has a handle on defining, teaching and living the values. As a matter of fact Google is well known for their values and the impact the values have on creating their unique culture.

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Accountability Like Clockwork

When you run an organization by what you really value you get a different outcome. Find out how actually living the organizational values impacts the culture and the results.

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Values? What Values?

While watching the Republican debates I thought, what is the example we are setting for future generations? Is it really appropriate to verbally attack someone in a debate? Can we expect people to act better than we act on television as we debate the future of our country?

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