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We Are Accountable To Hope

While attending a recent National Speakers Association annual meeting, I noticed that the word “hope” was used dozens of times from the main platform. I started thinking about the concept of hope and concluded that nothing happens without hope. Hope is what drives all action, and without action, nothing happens. With hope, we believe that something is possible. Once we believe it is possible we will work through the challenges to find the solutions and

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Big Dreams Deliver Big Results

One of Steve Jobs’ famous quotes is, “Dream Bigger.”  Steve understands that we are often not limited by other people or elements beyond our control, but rather, we limit ourselves.  Small dreams do not motivate us to try big things.  If we set our activities on small goals, then that is all we can achieve, and we naturally stop when we reach those goals.  By expanding our dreams, we expand what is possible in our

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The Four Secret Characteristics of Successful People

Why do some people succeed and others fail? Are there genetic differences between those who fail and those who succeed? Is success a result of luck or traits that are learned and developed? These are just some of the questions we continually ask ourselves as we seek our own success. Does the grass eternally look greener on the other side of the fence? Well, here are the four secret characteristics of all successful people. 1. Vision All successful people have

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V3 … the Power of Synergistic Leadership

Values, veneration and vision are the three elements of quality leadership. Used individually, your organization can expect to see a minor impact. Used together, these concepts create a powerful synergistic force that can turn failing organizational environments into profitable and marketable companies. This synergistic force is the difference between the organization that will be going out of business and the one that will dominate and lead the industry into the next millennium. Using values, veneration

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